Emerging Products or Crown Jewels…

I have seen the product portfolio of VMware from 2004/2005 time frame and I must say the company has come long long way from purely being a virtualization leader to a cloud focused company.

They are redefining the market again just the way they did it with ESX , I am truly amazed with the product line what VMware calls as Emerging products .. I personally don’t like the name Emerging for these industry defining products.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the recent releases VMware have in their portfolio. I am not going into too much of detail on each of these as of now, for details you can always look at http://www.vmware.com/products/

vFabric : I rate this as one of the top products suites available for the application developers to build a cloud ready platform.  Coming from Infrastructure background it’s hard to appreciate an application development platform , but I have had my own share of issues with Application owners /developers always trying all they can to stay away from virtualizing there applications.

This product is definitely a very solid step towards moving the applications to the Cloud era. This also fills the gap between the traditional application development platforms and the cloud platforms. Developers can now develop cloud ready applications with ease.

Desktop & End-user Computing: This product suite has got a major revamp in the last 1 year, with the release of View 5, addition of Slide rocket, Zimbra, Horizon Application Manager and more to come…

This lineup is a very formidable lineup in the End user computing space; I don’t think many companies can match up to this.

View5 release has put VMware on top of the VDI space taking Citirx XenDesktop head on, some people will disagree with me on this aspect but we need to see how many of Citrix XenDesktop implementations are purely VDI, major part that gets implemented is the Xenapp not the Xendesktop.

 VMware View 5 Architecture Diagram

Zimbra empowers end users with a feature-rich Web experience—an open platform that brings together email, calendaring, tasking, documents, social media and enterprise applications. Zimbra offers anywhere access on smartphones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) while maintaining compatibility with all existing desktop email and calendar clients. Zimbra is a powerful email solution and an alternative to MS Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes.

SlideRocket is a very powerful platform for making your presentations; you can create share presentations with anyone anywhere. The thing that I like the most with Sliderocket is that you can actually get detailed data on who have seen your presentation how much time was spent on each slide by that person reading the slide. Pretty useful to know what slide has the most impact on its reader , kool haah ..

Horizon App manager lets users see all there Windows, SaaS and Enterprise web applications from one single console with a single sign on. No longer have you had to worry about remembering different passwords for different apps.

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