VMware View Short Take : Removing stale entries from View and Composer

I am planning to start a short take series for VMware View and vSphere. I will include vCloud Director in near future. So what is the purpose of this , the main idea behind a short take blog post is to write down issues I faced in the field and what were the resolutions. This is going to be a very short description of the issue and the resolution notes.

So for this blog post I am talking about a specific issue where you will encounter an error saying “Failed to delete VM – null” ,this means that there are stale entries in the Composer and you need to delete them in order to proceed forward.

So if you encounter this error you need to delete the stale entry from ADAM database and View Composer Database. For view, remove the VM entries from “OU=Servers” group of ADAM.

Also use sviconfig to remove those invalid entries from view composer. This is available in View Composer server
sviconfig -operation=RemoveSviClone -VmName= -AdminUser= -AdminPassword=<Password>

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