Travel, Learning, Two Career Defining Events, One Roller Coaster of a year – 2013!

2013 what a year, 365 days from a fairytale. I can’t believe that the year has come to an end the year which has given me so much, a film script written to perfection with everything that you can ask from life. I want to take my readers through my journey of 2013 with some major milestones below.

January The year started on a very good note, I got awarded as “Most Valuable Person of the Year Professional Services” for my contribution to the Professional Services India business.

May brought me the coveted title of vExpert 2013; this is very special recognition and the one which is very close to my heart. I applied for the vExpert program for the first time since it was open for VMware employees and I am glad that I made it to the list the very first year. This definitely shows that the contribution to the VMware community doesn’t go unnoticed; after all we are what we are due to the awesome knowledge which we get from VMware communities.

June I got promoted with additional responsibilities of managing the India TAM program as practice manager for the India and SAARC TAM  program and seeding Accelerate advisory opportunities in India. I personally believe that exposure to Accelerate advisory services helped me understanding the business side of technology. After all you need to have the flavor of business and technology in order to become a good story teller which enables value selling. I learnt nuances of presenting to C-levels in the customer’s that I serve with the complete message of technology and business.

 October I had a chance to attend the Gartner Symposium in Goa; it was a perfect event for me to understand the current focus of CIOs and Senior IT executives and also what Gartner predicts about future of IT. I also got privilege to hear from the who’s who’s of the technology and non-technology sector. The most noticeable was hearing Rajan Anandan MD of Google India talk about the present and future at Google.

November the precious jewel of 2013 and undoubtedly my career. I immediately left to Singapore after attending the Gartner event for my VCDX Defense which was scheduled on 29th Oct. The result of my VCDX journey came on 5th November. I worked on VCDX for over 4 years and this was the moment.

View of Gardens By the Bay @ Singapore

Singapore Flyer

On certifications front 2013 overall was very good but I didn’t complete all the certifications I was targeting in 2013 , which is a backlog which I would like to definitely finish in 2014.


Being awarded vExpert 2013 by VMware and achieving VCDX were the two career defining events which I will be taking into 2014.

As we all bid adieu to 2013 I wish to thank all my readers for being part of this journey with me and helping me grow personally and professionally.

The things which I would like to do in 2014:

  • Increasing the update frequency on this blog: I will definitely like to focus more on this blog in 2014 and  ensure to get good content out there.
  • Attempt at TOGAF 9 and VCDX DT.
  • Focus on learning automation frameworks.
  • Take to some offroading.

I wish you and your family a very happy and successful 2014.

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