VCAP5 DCA Study Guide

Section 8 – Perform Scripting and Automation

Objective 8.1 – Execute VMware Cmdlets and Customize Scripts Using PowerCLI


  • Identify vSphere PowerCLI requirements

  • Identify Cmdlet concepts

  • Identify environment variables usage

Skills and Abilities

  • Install and configure vSphere PowerCLI

  • Install and configure Update Manager PowerShell Library

  • Use basic and advanced Cmdlets to manage VMs and ESXi Hosts

  • Use Web Service Access Cmdlets

  • Use Datastore and Inventory Providers

  • Given a sample script, modify the script to perform a given action



• vSphere PowerCLI User’s Guide

• VMware vSphere Update Manager PowerCLI Installation and Administration Guide

• Product Documentation

• vSphere PowerCLI commands

• vSphere PowerCLI Cmdlets


Objective 8.2 – Administer vSphere Using the vSphere Management Assistant


  • Identify vMA prerequisites

  • Identify vMA specific commands
  • Determine when vMA is needed

Skills and Abilities

  • Install and configure vMA

  • Add/Remove target servers

  • Perform updates to the vMA

  • Use vmkfstools to manage VMFS datastores

  • Use vmware-cmd to manage VMs

  • Use esxcli to manage ESXi Host configurations
  • Troubleshoot common vMA errors and conditions



vSphere Management Assistant Guide

vSphere Command-Line Interface Concepts and Examples

Product Documentation

vSphere Management Appliance



vSphere CLI