Security Best Practices in Virtualization and Cloud

In my attempt to centralize all the best practices, I created the Security page . I have collated and used the information posted in the page during my consulting engagements. I have had hard time in finding a central pool of information around these areas. The security best practices page is an answer to that.

No I am not writing any thing new , I am just referencing some of the excellent piece of information which is already out there in forms of blogs , articles , security whitepapers , reference architectures.

As we know security is one of the prime concerns a customer has when he adopts a new technology, this is more of a problem when that technology is Virtualization or Cloud Computing. It is an important aspect of a Virtualization Consultant/ Architect to know around the security aspects to handle customer queries well and design an envienvironment which is secure , compliant and robust.

Although most of the links and articles posted in the Security page is VMware links I have tried to gather generic information around these areas as well. I will be updating this page on a regular basis whenever I come across any new piece of information.

Stay tuned for updates on other Best Practices.

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