End User Computing and Business Critical Apps Best Practices

I have updated the sections on the End User Computing and the Business Critical Applications best practices.

End User Computing is redefining how we access computers and data , this is extremely important in the current scenario of proliferation of new handheld devices and VDI computing requirements.The EUC technology has various components which comes in play for a successful deployment.The documents menioned in the End User Computing section will help architect’s working on these solutions.Most important aspect of the EUC solutions are correctly defining the use cases or workloads and correct sizing for these workloads.The content in this page has all the information that you need to be able to do that.

Business Critial apps are important piece of an IT life cycle, I will say it forms the backbone for any given infrastructure and has the most priority for an IT manager. There is lots of wrong information regarding virtualizing these apps and the common understanding is that these applications are not a good candidate for virtualization. The Business Critical Applications section contains some excellent links and docs to help you succesfully plan deployment of a Businees Critical Application on Virtualization platform.

Remember there is no substitute of a good architecture and proper planning. Hopefully these documents help people out there
working on these solutions achieve that.

Stay tuned for more updates ..

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