Can you keep pace with VMware Certifications?

VMware recently launched few more certifications in the Desktop and the Cloud track. So now we have three new certifications.

VCP-Cloud (NEW)



What is the most scary is the road map of certifications , but hey this is a well thought of decision. OK how do I say that hmm.. so lets see the VMware Certifications road map below.

VMware Latest Certification Track

We can see clearly that the certifications are divided into four tracks , with levels of complexities in each track. Now with this kind of road map it will be not possible for many people to try and get certified in all the areas. So it’s important now is to pick the area in which you would like to go more deeper and get the certifications.

The cloud track is going to be the most toughest keeping in mind the complexities of the solution. The desktop track may not find many takers for the Advanced Professional level.It’s lot on the plate now , and you have to be wiser now.

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