VCAP5 DCA Study Guide

The VCAP5 DCA exams are now available from VMware and like many others I also have started my preparation for the exam. I am in the initial phase of the exam and started with the exam blueprint and the objectives.

I have decided to add the content to my Blog so that it can help others preparing for the exam , I have started with the exam objectives one by one in this phase I am compiling collateral and also preparing list of things to focus on. To share with others I have created a separate page on my blog now which is dedicated to VCAP5 DCA Study. This page is going to contain all the information that is available for the exam and also my notes will be published here.

There is lot of good work done on this already by people like

My VCAP5 DCA Study Guide is in no way a comprehensive list, the above links have pretty good stuff which people have been using for a long time. I will be updating my Guide preferably once in a week as I will be busy on my day to day job. To all who are preparing all the best and good luck. Happy reading.

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