VCAP5 DCD Exam Experience and Study Tips


Today I sat for the VCAP5 DCD exam and upgraded my VCAP4 DCD to VCAP5.

The VDCD510 exam contains 100 questions. The total time for this exam is 225 minutes. Candidates who take the VDCD510 exam in a country where English is not a primary language will have an additional 30 minutes added to the exam time. This time extension is automatic, no additional action is required from the candidate.

I will try to write my exam experience here without violating the NDA that I signed before the exam. So basically you can categorize the exam questions in the below categories.


  • Short Questions with Single choice answers
  • Short Questions with Multiple choice answers
  • Long questions with Single choice answers
  • Long questions with Multiple choice long and confusing answers
  • Drag and Drop questions
  • Visio style scenario based design/drawing questions

There were just a few questions with a single answers (from 4-5 options), and the options were quite similar (so also those questions were not too easy). I was also surprised with the fact that I got 6 “visio” styled questions contrary to 5 which most people have reported so my advice keep this in mind while timing your exam , each “visio” style question will at a minimum takes around 15 minutes so factor in at least 90 minutes for only these.So you are only left with around 150 minutes to finish the rest of the questions (94-95) based on how much “visio” questions you got.

The “visio” tool is better and improved from the earlier version, but the given design scenarios could have been articulated better as some times it is confusing to match the use case and the guidelines given for the “visio” diagram.

Remember that the blueprint is just a track , follow all the links and the documentation.I also revised the vSphere5 design course to make sure that I concentrate on the new features of the vSphere5.There are a lot of design aspects which you need to consider like ITIL, business continuity, security, networking. When I talk about design this doesn’t necessarily mean only VMware centric.

Tackle the “visio” questions in last as they are more time consuming and attempting questions early gives you exam momentum. Keep your calm , one of the ways I do this is to consume the entire 15 minutes allotted for the survey questions which comes before the exam, this helps in getting into the question reading mode and also calm my nerves 🙂

For more preparation tips you can also look at my VCAP DCD Experience post.

Finally I’ve passed this exam with one week of preparation and i scored little less compared to the version 4 , which was obvious because this is much tougher than the VCAP4 DCD.

I am VCAP5 DCD now and I will retain my same DCD number for the version 5. Hope this helps other preparing for the exam , all the best 🙂

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