vSphere 5.1 much awaited Patch released

VMware announced the release of ESXi510-201210401-BG patch update for vSphere 5.1 and for VMware vCenter Server 5.1.0a and modules on 24th October; this was a very important patch from compatibility (with View 5.1) and resolving some critical bugs. VMware engineering has done a very good job in getting this out very quickly. Let’s look at what is fixed/added in this release.

VMware View 5.1 now Compatible with vCenter 5.1, vSphere5.1

There was an issue with View5.1 integration with the vSphere 5.1 platform after View Storage Accelerator feature was enabled in View; Multiple Content-Based Read Cache (CBRC) disable requests issued from View to hostd was causing View to lose connectivity to an ESXi(vSphere) host. This is now fixed and also the VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes page updated, see below.

Issues with EMC Powerpath VE 5.7 fixed

There were two issues with EMC Powerpath VE 5.7 plugin

  • PSOD caused when an attempt to unclaim and claim the PowerPath devices were made on a host which was upgraded from vSphere 5.0 to vSphere 5.1.
  • When an upgrade from vSphere 5.0 to vSphere 5.1 is performed with PowerPath/VE 5.7 or PowerPath/VE 5.7 P01 already present, persistent settings, such as load balancing policy or feature enable/disable, are not preserved across reboots.

Look at this KB article detailing the issues.

vCenter Server Services hang on startup after upgrading to vCenter Server 5.1

This issue is fixed in vCenter Server 5.1.0a release more details on the fix can be found in this KB article.

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