VMware View Short Take: Microphone Redirection In View Desktops

One of the most used VMware View use cases are for the BPO industry, as we all know BPO industry is all about customer interaction through voice and chat.

There are two ways to make or receive the voice calls, through Softphone or the traditional phone hardware, softphone has gained a lot of market share in recent times , through which the calls can be made using the computer in this case View Desktop over internet.

There are two types of Microphones typically used; Analog Microphone with 3.5 mm jack or USB Microphone. View currently supports USB based microphones and this works very well without an issue.

However if you have an analog microphone and planning to use it with View Desktop it will not work , VMware currently doesn’t support this configuration, in order to make the Analog microphone work you need to install Teradici Virtual 2-way Analog Audio driver in the master image and then recompose the View Pool. The current driver version of Teradici virtual audio driver is (Teradici virtual audio driver

How do you download this driver?

Download Link: http://techsupport.teradici.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=15164&task=knowledge&questionID=421

You need to create an account to download the driver.

Few of things which needs to be checked if you have the Teradici driver installed and still the Analog Microphone not working.

1) Check if your thin client / zero clients are supported by Teradici. They had a list of supported thin client/zero clients but now the link is broken which results in a page not found error.

2) Check if you don’t have set the (Enable/Disable audio in the PCoIP session) adm PCOIP setting to Disable on the AD.

Note: Any issues related to the Teradici Audio driver you need to engage Teradici for support.

2 Replies to “VMware View Short Take: Microphone Redirection In View Desktops”

  1. Hi Samir,

    Wondering if you have been able to make the audio-in (microphone) functionality work for an iOS client like an iPad… even if it is not supported by VMware… do you know of any workaround for that??

    • Hi Eduardo,

      I haven’t played with iOS Client enough, as of now I don’t know if there is any workaround. I will research this and come back to you if there is any solution.


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