Learning VMware Products Made Easy


VMware’s got a new improved website dedicated for learning the VMware products and technologies through a series of Video Tutorials. The website is called as http://vmwarelearning.com/.

You can also use the widely known VMware TV YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/vmwaretv for the same purpose.

These videos are freely accessible, these short technical videos allow VMware technical experts to provide tips and step-by-step instructions on product features, design best practices, configuring, deploying and running your virtual infrastructure.


The current portal covers some really nice videos on these products

This is a really nice platform for Virtualization beginners , fresh college grads to start learning the different VMware products and related technologies. So do take advantage of this really good portal and enhance your VMware skills and expertise. For building advance skills in the product/area of your choice I advice to go through the VMware Official ILT classes.

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