vExpert 2013 The Journey Begins

Today was a morning that I will remember as one of the best in my professional career.Today I got awarded by VMware as a
vExpert 2013 , this is a special recognition as you have to work for and with in VMware community to spread the knowledge\technical insights\help resolve issues.
This is not a recognition which you can get by writing an exam.I feel totally excited,humbled and even more responsible today.

For me personally this is the first year where I applied to be considered for the program,I had contributed to the community
through participating in the VMware communities and also recently through my blog.

However I feel that this is just a start for me and I have a long way to go to make sure that I keep contributing to the larger
interest of community. After all sharing is the best way of learning.

Congrats to all the fellow new and returning vExperts. The complete list is available here

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