The Chief Innovation Officer is Back

CIOFirst I am not tagging this blog post in my weekend reading series as it’s just more than that. Last week there were two very good blogs by the VMware accelerate team, which talked about the transformative role of the CIO in the organization and how 2014 is an ever important year for the “Chief Innovation Officer”.

The year 2014 has seen buoyant mood in most of the business segments resulting in redefined priorities, business bouncing back, economic situation getting better and last but not the least IT budgets going up.

Information week conducted their annual Strategic CIO Survey and has come out with the below Infographic. I don’t want to repeat what the Infographic says as it’s already very well put and a picture is more than 1000 words.

The-Transformative-CIOHowever I want to emphasize the fact that although the CIO has now got a bigger purse to play with, they want to make informed use of the money. The focus is rationally spending it on those areas where they will get more benefit and will be able to make most business impact.The survey also focused on the innovation aspect and what are the barriers that a CIOs sees.

BarriersNow if you look at this data it is evident that lack of budget is no more a concern as it was in year 2013 , however the concern has shifted more towards streamlining the operations. Operational framework and optimization will free resources who can build innovative solution for the business. Structural changes to the IT organization is much needed in this new era of XaaS , Mobility and Devops.

PlannedOne of the key focus areas for the CIOs is Information security followed by EUC/Mobility and then use of more IaaS and expanding the capabilities in analytics and business intelligence.

As per the Information Week report the path which a CIO can take to make innovation on the main agenda is below.

ActionitemsI believe CIOs with strong business connect will continue to innovate and create enterprise value with whatever budgets they get as they have already aligned the business to what is required and in almost all cases they do end up getting what they wanted. You can check the below links for the complete story.

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