Food for Thought Weekend Reading #1 The Evolving Database Landscape

I have been trying to explore the recent landscape of databases and how it has changed over the past 3-4 years. While going over this topic during this weekend I was overwhelmed in what I saw and read about.

Just three or four years ago choosing a database was easy. Those with a no limit budget bought Oracle, those in a Microsoft shop installed SQL Server, those with no budget chose MySQL. Everyone in between tried to figure out where they belonged and what works for them.

Those days are gone forever. There have been so many changes to the database landscape that it seems that you have multiple types and subtypes of databases to chose from. The flurry of database action over the past few years have rendered the usual discussion around structured or unstructured, SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL databases.
The advent of these databases are to solve a special set of problems keeping performance scalibilty and scale in mind.
There are more than 150 NoSQL databases , refer, with noticeable ones being

  • Hadoop / HBase
  • Cassandra
  • Amazon SimpleDB
  • MongoDB
  • DynamoDB

This change has been very well researched by the 451 group in there latest Data Platforms Landscape map released in February 2014 below.

The trends that we see above indicates that the new solutions are coming to address a set of new problems in the cloud/Big data era. Technologist are inventing a new way to do things rather than sticking to the old platforms. This obviously gives more choice of platforms but one need to be cautious in selecting the database platform as there are plenty on the offer. So what is your choice of the platform and why ?

Happy reading ….

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