Food for Thought Weekend Reading #2 Big Data in Virtual World

This weekend I was exploring the Big Data and it’s existence in Virtual World , I came across many interesting data points which I would like to share with my readers.

Big data has become an integral part of the business world as more and more companies learn to utilize technologies that better harness and interpret newly available data. Analyzing all that data is now an important part of business operations, and it requires significant time and resources to better understand and apply the solutions that big data offers.

One of the key aspect that I noticed while reading was that there is an increasing number of Big Data deployments which are taking advantage of the Virtualization and Data Virtualization technologies.

Virtualized cloud analytics is the big data paradigm for the new era. As an integration approach, it ensures unified access, modeling, deployment, optimization, and management of big data as a heterogeneous resource.

Cloud-based big data will require virtualized infrastructures of growing complexity. As the range of your cloudy big data applications grows, you’ll almost certainly have to go further down the virtualization path. The heterogeneity of hybridized big data clouds will push you in that direction. Within your private clouds, constant big data platform churn will require a virtualization fabric that bridges new approaches with your legacy investments.

VMware offers big data extensions to help this journey make more simpler , recently there were four new videos made available.

BDE Demo #1: Installing and Configuring the vSphere Big Data Extensions

BDE Demo #2: Deploying a Basic Hadoop Cluster with VMware vSphere Big Data Extensions

BDE Demo #3: Deploying an HBASE Cluster with the VMware vSphere Big Data Extensions

BDE Demo #4: Self-Service Provisioning of Hadoop with VMware vCloud Automation Center and vSphere Big Data Extensions

There are lot more BigData resources available on this link

Clearly, the extent to which you’ll go the data-virtualization route will depend on the complexity of your business requirements and big data environment. It will also depend on your tolerance for risk, complexity, and headaches.

In the coming years, as more complex analytic models, rules, and information converge on the big data cloud that platform will become a centerpiece of virtualized access, execution, and administration.

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