VCAP5 DCA Study Guide

VMware Certified Advanced Professional Data Center Administration – v5

I am currently working on my VCAP5 DCA preparation. I will compile my study notes/references here as a VCAP5 DCA Study Guide and I will be updating this page with reference to the exam objectives. So first of all what is VCAP DCA ? The details of this exam is mentioned in the official VMware link here.

Current VCAP5 DCA path is shown below , courtesy


As per the path mentioned above if you are current VCP4/VCAP4 DCA and then you pass the exam before 9th October 2012 then you will also get the VCP5 certification along with the VCAP5 DCA.

Every exam has a certain set of criteria on which the exam is based upon , same is the case with the VCAP5 DCA and the exam evaluation criteria are clearly mentioned in the exam blueprint. You can download the blueprint from VMware Mylearn account. Once you have the blueprint you can start the exam preparation.

This exam requires hand on expertise and there is no alternative to Hands on Lab, so if you are lucky and have hardware to play with well and good else you can head over to AutoLab project by Alastair Cooke so that you can do all the labs from your laptop. So now lets begin the journey and all the best to everyone appearing.


VDCA511 Section 1 – Implement and Manage Storage

Objective 1.1 – Implement and Manage Complex Storage Solutions


  • Identify RAID levels

  • Identify supported HBA types

  • Identify virtual disk format types

Skills and Abilities

  • Determine use cases for and configure VMware DirectPath I/O

  • Determine requirements for and configure NPIV

  • Determine appropriate RAID level for various Virtual Machine workloads

  • Apply VMware storage best practices

  • Understand use cases for Raw Device Mapping

  • Configure vCenter Server storage filters

  • Understand and apply VMFS resignaturing

  • Understand and apply LUN masking using PSA-related commands

  • Analyze I/O workloads to determine storage performance requirements


Objective 1.2 – Manage Storage Capacity in a vSphere Environment


  • Identify storage provisioning methods
  • Identify available storage monitoring tools, metrics and alarms

Skills and Abilities

  • Apply space utilization data to manage storage resources

  • Provision and manage storage resources according to Virtual Machine requirements

  • Understand interactions between virtual storage provisioning and physical storage provisioning

  • Apply VMware storage best practices

  • Configure Datastore Alarms


  • Analyze Datastore Alarms and errors to determine space availability

  • Configure Datastore Clusters


vSphere Storage Guide

vSphere Command-Line Interface Concepts and Examples

vCenter Server and Host Management Guide

Product Documentation

vSphere Client / Web Client

vSphere CLI

  • vmkfstools
  • vdf/df


Objective 1.3 – Configure and Manage Complex Multipathing and PSA Plug-ins


  • Explain the Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA) layout

Skills and Abilities

  • Install and Configure PSA plug-ins

  • Understand different multipathing policy functionalities

  • Perform command line configuration of multipathing options

  • Change a multipath policy

  • Configure Software iSCSI port binding


vSphere Installation and Setup Guide

vSphere Storage Guide

vSphere Command-Line Interface Concepts and Examples

Product Documentation

vSphere Client

vSphere CLI