VCAP5 DCA Study Guide

Section 5 – Perform Operational Maintenance

Objective 5.1 – Implement and Maintain Host Profiles

Skills and Abilities

  • Use Profile Editor to edit and/or disable policies

  • Create sub-profiles

  • Use Host Profiles to deploy vDS

  • Use Host Profiles to deploy vStorage policies

  • Manage Answer Files



vSphere Host Profiles Guide

Product Documentation

vSphere Client


Objective 5.2 – Deploy and Manage Complex Update Manager Environments


  • Identify firewall access rules for Update Manager

Skills and Abilities

  • Install and configure Update Manager Download Service

  • Configure a shared repository

  • Configure smart rebooting

  • Manually download updates to a repository

  • Perform orchestrated vSphere upgrades

  • Create and modify baseline groups

  • Troubleshoot Update Manager problem areas and issues

  • Generate database reports using MS Excel or MS SQL

  • Upgrade vApps using Update Manager

  • Utilize Update Manager PowerCLI to export baselines for testing

  • Utilize the Update Manager Utility to reconfigure vUM settings



Installing and Administrating VMware vCenter Update Manager

Reconfiguring VMware vSphere Update Manager

Product Documentation

Update Manager PowerCLI

vSphere Client