Setting up an Openstack cloud environment in less than 30 minutes

I have been working with Openstack on & off from past 1 year mainly for the purpose of learning and understanding the various use cases of Openstack Cloud. In this blog post I will be writing about one of the most simplest installation methods for beginners, which allows users to run Continue Reading →

Presenting Nutanix backed iSCSI storage with MPIO to Windows OS – Part2

This blog post is in continuation to my first blog in this series which you can read here. In the second and last part of this series I am going to describe the rest of the configuration at Nutanix layer and tie this all back together on the Windows VM again. Continue Reading →

Presenting Nutanix backed iSCSI storage with MPIO to Windows OS – Part1

In my last post on the topic of Nutanix Acropolis Volumes API I described the process of creating an iSCSI datastore on vSphere which is backed by Acropolis Volumes API. You can read the blog here . In continuation to that I wanted to describe the process of presenting iSCSI volume to Continue Reading →

Interesting Trends for Virtualization,Cloud Computing and Big Data Last 5 Years

Recently I have been working with my clients in strategic and advisory capacity , some of these inititative require me to jointly develop the future roadmap for my clients. When you work on these projects it doesn’t necessarily stop with Virtualization and Cloud Computing which obviously are top two focus Continue Reading →

Performance Best Practices in Virtualization and Cloud

I have added content to the Performance page today. We know how important is performance from the perspective of the end users , when there is a new Virtualization or Cloud design project one of the most important aspect is to design it considering the best practices which gives maximum Continue Reading →