Creating an iSCSI Datastore on vSphere backed by Nutanix Acropolis Volumes API 

In NOS 4.1.3 release we added a whole bunch of new features in Nutanix platform , one of the noticeable feature in the release was the Acropolis Volume Management through APIs in tech preview. What is it ? The Acropolis Volumes API exposes back-end NDFS storage to guest operating system, Continue Reading →

VMware: Multi-Hypervisor Management is Here

This week VMware announced the release of vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager. As per the VMware release notes ” VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager is a component that enables support for heterogeneous hypervisors in VMware vCenter Server. It provides the following benefits to your virtual environment: An integrated platform for managing VMware and third-party Continue Reading →

How to Right Size your VMFS Datastores in vSphere?

As of time of writing this article we have lots of information on the datastore sizing especially for VMFS. This hasn’t changed too much with new versions of VMFS and if you have taken into account a good buffer of slack space (Usually vary between 20%-30% per VMFS) you should Continue Reading →

HealthCheck for VMware vSphere Environment – Part1

Lately I have been doing lot of customer engagements on vSphere health Check, which basically consists of examining a customer’s vSphere Install base against the vSphere Best practices in the standard health check projects. I thought about doing a write up series on how we approach these engagements. For the Continue Reading →